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Wellness and nutritional supplements, household, personal products and make up.

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First thing to do is open and register your account and get $10 off your first order. Each county has their own web domain and 'open an account' is in the top left corner. Enter promo code 546924 to get your discount.

America and Canada www.modere.com/546924 

 Australia www.modere.com.au/546924 

Europe www.modere.eu

Japan www.modere.co.jp 

Korea www.modere.kr

Singapore www.modere.com.sg

Hong Kong www.modere.com.hk

Malaysia www.modere.com.my

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Mōdere create stylish, smart, safe products to help you to live clean without the toxins whilst also ensuring we have minimal impact on our precious environment and ecosystem.

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